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When BTC makes a move of 1,000$ in one day, no one is surprised ?

Since we have to wait for the closing of the monthly candle so that we know  wich direction to take, we can remind ourselves of what the real BULL RUN looked like in 2017.

🔥 It took 10 minutes to strengthen Bitcoin by 1,000$ from 17,000-18,000$ 
🔥 3 minutes to boost 1,000$ from 18,000 - 19,000$
 We ourselves have witnessed that with current values, the volatility of BTC is so high that when BTC makes a move of 1,000$ in one day, no one is surprised. 

Assuming that for the next cycle (say a period of up to 4 years), the BTC value will be around 40,000-50,000$ Bitcoin will be able to make a daily move in the range between 4,000-5,000 $ and from the altcoin season I expect some altcoins to minimally test past highs.
This means that the next altcoin season will change the lives of many investors who invest in the right altcoins at the right time. 
2 years ago, several people in Crypto became millionaires during the altcoin season and the next altcoin season may make another millionaire out of…

What kind of trader are you???

📚 What kind of trader are you???
Being a trader can be a very profitable way to make money but at the same time a quick way to lose a lot!

There are many different strategies in order to be successful in this field and in order to be good at it you need to find which one fits you. You have a crazy work schedule and you can not really spend time to be in front of a PC trading? Well, in this case Daily Trading is not for you. Daily traders make money with Quick Decisions because their profits is based on how many successful trades they do (this can be veru strussful for the amount of work done but mostly safe because you only need small amount of profit on each trade to be successful). 
Maybe you are a Swing Trader, you are a patient kind of personality. You wait for a coin to drop and BUY low and you wait for it do go up and SELL high. Following big market trends. These kind of traders study the charts more carefully on Higher oTimeframes. They focus a lot on Fundamental Analysis and ent…

How To Become Successful Personalities Of A Trader ?

📚 Successful Personalities of a trader 📚

Everything regarding trading starts with a discipline: how we approach our trading day and what we do during trading hours.
The discipline begins with a plan for how to start the day, including review of events and trading patterns. Finding a way to keep track of all trades is also a priority. Cutting losses while they occur, take profits while they appear and refine a set of trading rules so tomorrow will be even better.
Trading is not as fun as playing soccer, it's a job as everything else and it's HIGHLY stressful. For the most part traders work by themselves so the fact to be home alone in front of a PC might not be the best working experience ever! 
Traders have to have enough trust in their system and enough experience in the markets so they can act quickly when there is a BUY or SELL opportunity. That's why learning is important. Of course we don't want to RUSH into trades which have no logical chart but with a great system…

3 steps formulas to generate business ideas that sell easily ?

Compared to the various online businesses I've built, I think I have a formula for generating new ideas that sell easily.  I will share it with you today.
This is a 3 step formula:

  1) Find a market with many readily available buyers.
  2) Identify the range of hot selling product within the market.
  3) Consider an innovative solution to beat that limit.
  If you follow these 3 steps, you will be ready to start with innovative ideas that will easily become a successful business.
  Let me give you an example of how this 3 phase formula works.
  In the 90s, someone came out with a viral lead building system, called the cephalist system.  In this system, everyone within the system was ready to send email to everyone else, hence the name "safe list".  When it first started, everyone was excited because suddenly, everyone could reach thousands of individuals.  Although, they did not realize that there was an equivalent time, they were receiving thousands of emails from other membe…

BNB- The Best altcoin long term Investment ?

BNB- The Best altcoin long term Investment ?
Currently, the BNB is trading for 16 $ and in my opinion the BNB should not be missing in any portfolio. Personally, I consider the BNB to be the safest altcoin of all the altcoins that will bring you a guaranteed profit in the long run. (Would you like to know why?) Lets read more about BNB (Binance coin).

Changpeng Zhao - CEO of Binance
An ordinary person who became a crypto-billionaire in less than a year.
Founder and CEO of Binance Crypto Exchange, which in less than 180 days has become the largest in the world with more than 6 million users, before worked in McDonalds for a few bucks. In 2014 he sold his house in Shanghaj and spent all his money on Bitcoins.
CZ, as the crypto community calls him, has been the most influential figure in the crypto world since 2017 (The Origin of Binance). This man is behind the creation of the BNB (Binance coin) coin, which strengthened against Bitcoin by an incredible 26,000% from its listing on the Binance…

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