Orbisbux Scam

Orbisbux scam or legit????

Hi friends, i have worked in many ptc sites but some of there scam sites today i want to show you that and inform you don’t  work on that site and dont waste your precious time in this site.

Orbisbux it is totally  scam, when you join in orbisbux they give you 3euros for signup bonus and when you daily work in this you have to click 100 ads, for withdrawl and after that you complete the task in 10 days of work,when you want to withdraw money 1 more task you have to complete for 10 direct referels to withdraw money,but you cant even a cent withdraw after you have 10 direct referels and dont buy or upgrading  membership totally wasting your money.

Friends if you know about something like these site are scaming share it others and me also i have to know which is legit,sites are giving  real money to their members…..

Thanks for reading….

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