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Electroneum Launch Party!!

I just found out about this great opportunity to get in on an ICO
(Initial Coin Offer) with a great bonus!! Research this but don’t
take long!! Right now and until October 31 you can purchase
ETN coins for $0.01 and receive 1% bonus For every $1
purchase you will receive 101 ETN coins. If you purchase $10
worth you will get 1010 Coins. If on November 1st this coin
goes to $1.00 a coin you have just made $1010.00!!

Download Mobile Wallet Available For Android, For Ios Wallet is Available soon.
To Purchase Electroneum (ETN) Coins

1. Click on this link and click on
“Join Token Sale". Enter your email address and
a password and then you can login.

2. You can only purchase Electroneum with Bitcoin or Ethereum.
On your Dashboard page you will scroll down to "Select the
currency that you would like to use to calculate your purchase
amount:". If you will be using Bitcoin to make your purchase
you will click on the "BTC - Bitcoin" button and then enter the
amount of BTC you wish to use for your purchase of ETN coins.

Examples based upon the current value of Bitcoin....

To purchase $10 worth of ETN you will enter 0.0022753BTC
To purchase $20 worth of ETN you will enter 0.0045506BTC
To purchase $50 worth of ETN you will enter 0.0113765BTC
To purchase $100 worth of ETN you will enter 0.022753BTC

follow the simple instructions making sure that you carefully
copy the BTC wallet address provided. Once you have sent
your funds you can click on the "TRANSFER CONFIRMED"

4. Click on "Transactions" to see the details of your transfer.

5. If you wish to refer others to this promising ICO you can
click on the "Social Rewards" link to find your personal
referral link.

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