How To Get Leads To Your Business From Hashing Ad Space ?


You Can Promote or Advertise with only Less Than $1 or 10 Asimi On Hashing Ad Space,Also You Can Buy Advertisng Products Like Login AdsAdminter Ads,Banner Ads.

You Can Buy Advertising Products with BTC and Other Cryptocurrency or Asimi.
Here You Can Earn Mutiple Ways With Hashing Ad Space Affiliate Program 
-Login Stake,
-Adminter Stake
-Daily Draws

What Is Asimi ?

ASIMI (ASIMI) is a cryptocurrency token issued on the Waves platform. It has a circulating supply of coins and a max supply of 67 Million coins. Explore the address and transactions of ASIMI on block explorers such as

Additional information about ASIMI coin can be found at

☑️ BUY LOGIN STAKE with 10000 Asimi,

If You Setup Login Stake You Can Generate Asimi, Earn more Asimi by simply logging in to Hashing Ad Space!
Stake any full Asimi amount (up to 10,000 Asimi = 1 complete Login Stake).

Log in to your dashboard to qualify and earn new Asimi at the end of that day.
872 Asimi are distributed daily among all qualified Login Stake holders (qualified by viewing the Login Ad on that day).

Your daily Login Stake earnings are calculated based on the percentage of "My current Login Stake", compared to the qualified "Total Login Stake (companywide)" (see in the table above).
Unstake your Asimi any time (requested Asimi will be returned after 30 days).
Pending unstake amounts still continue to earn until they are processed.


If You Setup Ad Minter Stake You Have To Watch Daily 7Sec AdMinter Ad You Earn Asimi From It,If You'r Not Watching Ads You Can't Get Asimi.

The action of watching ads on Hashing Ad Space creates new Asimi tokens.
This is called "minting" Asimi.
New Asimi tokens are minted every 24 hours and then distributed equally amongst all the ads minted in that 24-hour period.
When you watch the ads, you are minting new Asimi. These new Asimi tokens are yours to keep.

The number of ads you can view in each 24-hour period is called your ad "minting limit".
The higher your minting limit, the more ads you can view and therefore the more Asimi you earn.

We follow the Proof of Stake protocol for our ad minting limit.
Your Proof of Stake is an allocation of your tokens held for a set contract period that allows you to mint.

Staking is not a purchase.
Your Staked Asimi Tokens always remain yours.
All staked tokens are returned to you (Return of Stake) over the contract period as you mint ads.
As well as your Return of Stake, you receive any new Asimi tokens that you mint via ad views daily.

Watch Complete Video Here

(2019.03.11 Invested +$100) 
The More We STAKE - The More We MAKE...!!!

View to Earn
How it works:

Watch ads, get paid!
Select from the available advertisements below and earn the displayed Asimi value next to that Ad.

Select the ad you would like to view by clicking "View Ad"
View Ad
Receive Asimi immediately into your account balance
It's that easy and you can watch up to 25 ads per day!

Daily Raffle Prizes!
We give away bonus Asimi prizes each and every day!
Keep watching ads and take part in the bonus Asimi raffle!

The raffle will have 10 winners every day.
If you have viewed 10 ads within 24 hours, you will get 1 entry into the draw for our daily bonus Asimi raffle!

If you have viewed 25 ads within 24 hours, you will get 1 more entry into the draw.
The 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners of the raffle earn 100-50-25 Asimi, respectively, while the other winners earn 10 Asimi each.
All prizes are deposited into the winners' account balances at the end of day.
You can view your first ad immediately below.

Have fun, earn Asimi!
In Hashing Ad Space Free Members Can Earn Asimi in View2Earn Page, More You Refer Others More You Earn Asimi.

Register link:✅👉

This is legit advertising platform. #1 Investing platform.

Don't waste time with scams. Withdraw (exchange) ASIMI: with

100% Legit #Noscam  

100$ worth of asimi stake,

you can withdraw asimi to waves wallet,

you can buy asimi here,

minimum $10 withdrawl,

You Can Earn More By Login Stake (Cost 10000 Asimi)

3ways you can get commision from your refferals 

  1. Advertising 

Buy One Ad Pack with Only 10Asimi (View2Earn Advertisng Pack)

  • 100% Low Cost Advertising Traffic Exchange Get Leads To Your Website

  • 100% Unique Traffic From Various Geo Locations

  1. Staking (adminter stake and login stake)

  • Adminter Stake (100$ worth of Asimi)

  • Login Stake (upto 10000 Asimi Stake)

  • More You More You Rewarded

  1. V2E veiw to earn

  • You Earn Asimi By Viewing Ads Daily (25 Ads)

  • You Get 2 Raffel Entries For Viewing Complete 25Ads

Watch Video Here:

Register Here:


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