How To Buy Asimi In Waves.Exchange?

The best place to buy and sell Asimi is on the Waves Exchange
See the "getting Started" Videos in your back office for instructions

Did you know: You can "buy" Asimi using BTC, Waves or a Credit Card?

A lot of people don't know that Waves exchange also supports Fiat (USD-EURO) purchases of Waves Tokens. You can then easily use your Waves tokens to exchange for Asimi and vice versa. 

Asimi Coin Trading In Waves Exchange

Steps to do so:
- Login to your Waves exchange wallet

- Click on "Receive" Waves
- Click on Card. 
- Follow the steps
- Exchange your new waves for Asimi ASIMI/WAVES
(This process will also be explained in the new tutorial videos)
Asimi Coin Trading
3. Yes we are listening! As stated in previous emails, 
we are changing the withdrawals system and it WILL be implemented this month. 
(A MUCH lower limit to give you more access to earned Asimi)
Implementation has moved a little slower than hoped due to the holidays.

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