How To Get Six Figure Income From Funnel System ?

We're not about just "making money online"...
This is about discovering
how-to generate life changing, 
confidence building, freedom and choice
enabling, type of income...
Money you can rely upon...
The type that gives you
the confidence to quit your job. 
venture out own your own,
follow your dreams,
even go to the bank
and get a mortgage...
It's building your very own ASSET.
That's what we are here to tell you about...
You can watch the Video here:
8 years ago... I was broke...
(If you don't know me, my name is Luke Millard
- CEO and founder of funnelbundle)
I was broke... Not in a bad way..
But, the kind way that meant
I had to go to work 5 days a week..
because I used my wage to live..
and without it (even a few days off)
it would mean I would 
be behind on my bills... 
(More so than I already was)
Living like that, week to week...
It's ok... But really it kind of sucks..
and if you were satisfied with it... likely wouldn't be here either... 

.. so I think we (you and I)
can both see the
enormous potential online... 
and how it can improve your life.

A new way to earn
and live on your own terms. 
so.. 7 years ago...
I looked for better ways
to substitute or replace (hopefully)
my income...
Hearing the stories of
people making 5-6- even 7 figures
in a single month...

It's hard to grasp when you
are spending 8-10 hours
working at a job each day...
I was EXCITED and then.. I started...

It was a STRUGGLE...

Working 10 hours at my day job...
only to return home
and start working
on my "online business" each night...

The worst part was..
I didn't really know if it would ever work...
I was learning, but in reality...
I was spending money..
Not making it...
So I searched around for online mentors..

Started absorbing as
much information as I could..
Learning the processes
that make the successful rich..
And I started implementing them..
Rubbing shoulders with online millionaires...
Learning their secrets...

I worked hard at it, learning,
Implementing, learning, implementing..
You see I wasn't afraid
of a little hard work.

What I wanted was to make money
on the internet and change my life!

Break free of the
struggle of living on a wage...
...and push into a new life
of abundance and choice.
About 18 months later..
I finally "cracked the code" so to speak...
I went from spending money online...
To earning $92,000 in a single month!

Just like that...

My life changed forever.
I'd worked out the required
steps for making money on the internet
and since then have
followed that formula 
to earn far more than 
I could have every made at a job...

...and all while living life
on my own terms.
I'd found..
  • The proven formulas
  • The business structure
  • What you need
  • What you don't need
  • What is important to focus on
  • What is not important to focus on
  • How to attract money into your life
  • Identifying if you are repelling money from your life
You see, there is a proven formula
for making 5 even 6 figures per month...

And if you don't know it..
Or if you don't listen
to people that are showing it...

Then you continue to struggle.
In fact, you can struggle online indefinitely..

Some people are going
a decade long with no results...

Spending money..
Never making it..

But why is that?

There might be a few reasons..
Maybe they say they want to succeed,
but really show  zero commitment to their business..

Maybe they are following the wrong people...
But maybe, they are committed,
they really do want this
to work for them too..
But simply don't have all
of the pieces in place...?
Maybe you fit into that somewhere...?
There is one undeniable
truth about online business...

If you are not getting
the results you want right now...
... nothing is going to change unless you change.

You have to do something differently.
If you want to decide to succeed.. 
(Yes, it's a decision)
then you need to take a look
at the weaknesses in your
business processes.. .
..and fix them.
"But WHAT am I meant to fix, Luke..? I can hear you thinking..."
Yes.. I get that..
If you don't know, you don't know..

... and you are likely to go from
one idea to the next,
making the same failing error
of the last business/product
you tried to use or promote...
I know that feeling all to well...
over the years with the things
i have learned to generate million in sales...
coupled with the technology to make it accessible to you...

I've built the system for you to use... 
and that is why i've emailed you today... 

I'm going to share with you how it works... 
A pre-built, fully functioning online income
generating machine that you can
use to promote any business,
product or service!
  • Find referrals
  • Create duplication in your teams,
  • Sell online courses...
  • Brand yourself online,
  • Learn test and improve...  
  • Online store
  • membership site
  • Collect payments with ease
  • Professional funnels
  • A simple testing "hack" that makes people money even if they suck at sales
it doesn't matter which of the above you need...
It's already built for you..

Don't Waste Your Time Take Action,
Time Is Money....



We love getting motivated, pushing toward our online business goals and sharing that news with others. Online business has changed our lives forever and found more freedom and choice than would have ever been available working at a job. So, while we might mention some results and just how amazing your income and life could become... that's in no way a guarantee of what you may achieve. In fact we can't make any guarantee of any results whatsoever because we don't know your level of commitment to your goals or your work ethic to get things done. That comes down to you and may impact your overall results.  What we offer are the tools, training and traffic to build a successful business online, but it's up to you to be committed, have the discipline to show up, and make the most of what we are offering you.

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