How To Trade Bitcoin and Altcoins Tips and Tricks For Beginners ?

OK so... I was just discussing this with a friend of mine.

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What's going on with BTC and ALTCOINs When Bullish and Bearish ?
Sometimes we see BTC and ALTCOINs going UP(Bullish) TOGETHER... sometimes we see BTC going UP(Bullish) and ALTCOINs bleeding(Bearish)...Sometimes We See Bitcoin and Altcoins Both Going Down (Bearish)...

What's going on behind it? I will try to explain.

When BTC goes up SLOWLY and ALTCOINS with it, 

that means NEW CASH is going INTO BTC. New investors, new people, new money. Of course investors and new traders will buy ALTCOINs TOO so everything goes UP.(Bullish)

NOW when BTC hits ALL TIME HIGH (ATH) what happens? All traders know everyone will start to move all the ALTCOINs INTO BTC. So everyone does the same!!! WE DO TOO!!! So BILLIONS and BILLIONS start to go from ALTCOINS to BITCOIN that is WHY BTC goes fucking INSANE!!!!! Not because of NEW money coming in but BECAUSE people moving ALTCOINs to BTC! As a consequence ALTCOIN drops(Bearish) and BTC goes UP(Bullish)!

This is WHY when BTC is closed to ATH you should always START to SELL your ALTCOINs.. so you can be SAFE! Then... here is another explanation:

What do we need now? BTC to CRASH or BTC to goes sideways?

Think, if BTC CRASHES in a second only reason is because SOME RICH DUDES SOLD BTC FOR USD AND GOT SUPER RICH IN 3 SECOND!!! If that happens NO MONEY GOES INTO ALTCOINS because they cashed out to USD! So ALTCOINS will not come back if BTC CRASHES! PLUS ALTCOINS are priced in BTC so their value will also go down!

What we want is: BTC going SIDEWAYS or GOING DOWN SLOW.... 

This means traders and investors are starting TO BUY ALTCOINS BACK (BUY THE FUCKING DIPS). It's a smart strategy right? You sell your ALTCOINs when they are HIGH to BTC so you make profit on BTC (20% this time) then you BUY all ALTCOINs back at 25% discount so as soon as they recover you make profit very quick.

So I hope this makes everything clear for you guys right now. I guess it's a bit a lot for beginners BUT.... NOW YOU KNOW WHAT'S UP!!!



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