If Your Forex Trader or Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Trader Follow These Rules ?

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So, Here are the Few Tips or Say Rules that Which i would like to share with you !

I know many of you might be knowing it already for sure , but I don't know how much of you guys are following it !!😄

If Your Trading Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Follow These Rules

1 ) **Never Go With Full Amount in Single trade !** We can never be full Sure, Whatever the TA/FA is, it doesn't matter !!! Never invest More than 10-15% of your total Portfolio in Single trade ‼️

2 ) Accept Losses ! Yeah it's a part of Game Man ! Many of us don't accept small losses & then it becomes so fucking Huge that they can't even think sensibly further & then just Starts Gambling !!✅

3 ) Never Go for Revenge Trading : I have seen many times that when Even a Small loss happens, many of us will just go with double Amount in next trade just because we can't accept loss & wanted to recover that with injecting double Amount ! It's really Silly Boys !! How you can be sure that your that trade will go on perfect way 100% ???

4 ) Don't Try to get Rich Quick !! You will get  REKT FOR SURE !! You can takeit in written from me !!  So Just STOP GAMBLING, If your really Want to just Try your luck, better go For the Casino !! 🎲

5 ) Apply Stoploss & Trail it whenever coin goes up ! I will advise you that whenever any of our call / your trade goes 4-6% Up bring your stop at Entry & Secure some Profit then keep raising Your Stoploss with Raise In Price of that Coin !✅

6 ) STOP DIGGING IF YOU FOUND YOUR SELF IN A HOLE ! It means Don't just keep adding your funds On losing Position Just with a hope that It Will Turn Around & you will become a Fucking Rich !🚫

7 ) Go with Flow !! Don't Trade against trend !! You Can't Just Go LONG because it DUMPED & can't go For SHORT Just because it PUMPED !!📈📉

So Guys, This is all i wanted to tell you !! This aren't just lines, but this is what I have Experienced Myself In 2 Years of trading !! I Hope At least few of you Will Follow this !! So At least my Time for Writing this All will Not Go in Vain !!😅

Wish You All The Very Best !!

If you are a beginner and you are trying to use BITMEX to make quick money and you don't know what the CROSS LEVERAGE is, please do NOT use it otherwise you will end up REKT!!!

🚨 IMPORTANT: LEVERAGE TRADING should be only used to reduce the cost of your position, NOT to make more money. It does NOT matter how much LEVERAGE you use if you follow a RISK MANAGEMENT. Your RISK WILL ALWAYS BE THE EXACT SAME as well as your final PROFIT, No matter the LEVERAGE, No matter the STOP-LOSS!!! Remember you are NOT an HERO if you are RISKING 1BTC to make $100... but you are just dumb.

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