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in this video we'll go through the process of purchasing your funnel bundle account so you can get set up today and start using it this amazing service so first off you can see that I am on the products page this is where we explain the differences between the plans that you can select so of course choose the plan that is right for you the one that I really like is the business plan.

the business plan has a huge amount of value included plus you get a huge 33 percent traffic credit so that's 33 percent of the cost of your plan you get back in traffic which basically gives you a 33 percent discount if you look at that traffic credit as an advertising spend and so there's a lot of value in the business plan and of course you can select between yearly so paying each year and paying monthly and so if this business is a sort of thing that you want to set up for the entire year then it makes a lot of sense to select the business plan yearly because what that does is it sets your business up no more costs you get in you have funnel bundles set up you've got the training the traffic and the entire platform to build your business for an entire year.

I mean that is really a way to kickstart business and so that is the plan that I'll be selecting right now for this demonstration and we'll go through the process together, so we're powering this by stripe meaning that this is one of the leading credit card providers in the world so you can feel very secure using our system now, the first thing we need is your customer information, if you're a new customer simply enter your name and the email if you already have an account, you can click login and then select that account and that will recognize your information, so this purpose I'm going to be registering so I'll put in my name and my email address and create a password then your billing address you can put in your company information.

 if you are a company and then your credit card number now what I would like to show you just put in my CSV and now included in your funnel bundle account this membership also in cludes all of these huge bonuses so make sure you add these bonuses to your account, okay so click these buttons and that will add all of these bonuses to your account that's included in your package, there's no additional cost there so make sure you add them because that is your learning center for how to build amazing funnels and websites it's your visitors package, which is that traffic that included traffic to your website and it's also for this package, it also includes the top earner affiliate program, which basically explains how you can become a top earner if you are interested in network marketing or affiliate marketing based offers so lots of value there so make sure you add that and then you can see I'm getting that incredible price for per annum, so what I'll be locking in is a 20% saving and six hundred and sixty dollars for the year and then I have this business set up for an entire year.

so really really excited to complete this order and success, we are in funnel bundle excellence so the very first thing you can do as soon as you have registered is you can access your members area will also send you an email with information that includes your products how you can access them and you know your getting started guide so all of the additional support that we provide our customers and so now I'm going to go straight to the members area and you can see that I am in the members area right away ready to get started so the members area is where you can navigate to a lot of the tools, that we have included for you so you can see the website builder, I can start building the funnel tutorials the marketing training.

the traffic the network marketing training and some more features that we may be adding it's only pre-launch there's nothing here at the moment.

however if we come up with some really good ideas, we want to share them with you then you'll see them here in your members resources area as well and you can also visit your profile and again a couple of quick links right here, so as soon as you're inside setup make sure you watch the Welcome video you can start building your business right away really excited so great job taking that step excited to see you in these videos and help you build your business and really reach your maximum potential online because that is what we are striving to do here at funnel.

it's really helped push people into that that realm of online business that allows them to work from home and really succeed in the online marketplace today we using all of the tools that we've built for you okay great thanks guys see you in the training videos.


We love getting motivated, pushing toward our online business goals and sharing that news with others. Online business has changed our lives forever and found more freedom and choice than would have ever been available working at a job. So, while we might mention some results and just how amazing your income and life could become... that's in no way a guarantee of what you may achieve. In fact we can't make any guarantee of any results whatsoever because we don't know your level of commitment to your goals or your work ethic to get things done. That comes down to you and may impact your overall results.  What we offer are the tools, training and traffic to build a successful business online, but it's up to you to be committed, have the discipline to show up, and make the most of what we are offering you.

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