How To Get Leads For Your Bussiness ?

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How To Get Leads For Your Bussiness ?

Why To Use Funnels ?

A funnel is a specifically designed automated process
that takes your potential customers on a journey
of information to arrive a specific goal.
IE: Purchase a product, join your affiliate program,
or simply add their information into a contact form.
It can be basic... It can be advanced...
Today, let me give you some quick examples of how it would be used. 
You may already know..
A funnel system saves you time and money with automated processes.
It works for you to convert your new leads into customers increasing
sales and putting more money in your pocket...
... but how?
Here are 3 examples.

Example 1. You have an offline business and you want more customers...
Let's say you're a real estate agent and you want more people
to contact you when they need to either, buy or sell a house. 
Goal: This simple funnel would be automated process
that attracts leads and directs them
to your meeting calendar to book a call with you.
Now here is where a funnel far exceeds just having a website...
You might use 2 funnels for this 1 purpose...
1 for people interested in buying a house.
1 for people interested in selling their house. 
They both direct people with the same goal, (book a call with you)
but they use different content designed
to speak directly to the person's needs..
(Buying or selling) and doing so,
increases the likelihood of them
taking the action to book a call.
This increased engagement is a result of relevance.
Removing the clutter of other information
and speaking directly to the desired person.
Using automation you ensure that is is EASY
for your new customer to find the contact form with
compelling information so they actually enter their info...
then optimization to increase the conversions
(amount of people that book the call)
Result: More people book a call.
That's what funnelbundle does for you..  
Pre-built Templates to do exactly that. 
With all of the hard work already done,
your funnel gets to work converting leads into "calls"
so you can focus on the important things like "selling houses"

Example 2: Maybe you have a product of your own...
It's an online course you want to sell. 
The automated funnel process 
Attracts leads, 
Uses testing to determine the best
converting landing pages,
automates the flow to your information pages about your course, 
Directs people the checkout pages, 
Collects money, 
Delivers your course 
Provides immediate access and details to members' areas 
Automates subscriptions and members access/end of access
Increases repeat sales with additional courses/products or up-sells
All while automatically optimizing the process
using A/B testing that increases your overall revenue. (Conversions %)
Yes... FunnelBundle does ALL OF THAT AUTOMATICALLY
Example 3: Maybe you're an affiliate marketer...
Use a funnel that attracts leads,
uses automation to deliver various emails,
presentation videos, tutorials,
all designed to sell an affiliate product or business. 
You can even use your funnel to automate team training,
duplication funnels or affiliate upgrades
to help you brand yourself and add value
to your networking business.
Maybe you don't quite fit into the 3 examples above, but make no mistake,
No matter what you sell.. A funnel does it better...
Automates, optimizes, increases conversions and helps you reach your desired outcome. 
If you would like to see how a funnel might work for you, check out this video Here.


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