When BTC makes a move of 1,000$ in one day, no one is surprised ?

Since we have to wait for the closing of the monthly candle so that we know  wich direction to take, we can remind ourselves of what the real BULL RUN looked like in 2017.

🔥 It took 10 minutes to strengthen Bitcoin by 1,000$ from 17,000-18,000$ 

🔥 3 minutes to boost 1,000$ from 18,000 - 19,000$

 We ourselves have witnessed that with current values, the volatility of BTC is so high that when BTC makes a move of 1,000$ in one day, no one is surprised. 

Assuming that for the next cycle (say a period of up to 4 years), the BTC value will be around 40,000-50,000$ Bitcoin will be able to make a daily move in the range between 4,000-5,000 $ and from the altcoin season I expect some altcoins to minimally test past highs.

This means that the next altcoin season will change the lives of many investors who invest in the right altcoins at the right time. 

2 years ago, several people in Crypto became millionaires during the altcoin season and the next altcoin season may make another millionaire out of one of you. 

A simple example was the XRP (Ripple) 

Did you know that if you bought the XRP in January 2017 for 2,000 $ and sold it a year later in January 2018, you could have 1 million dollars?

Here into my blog I will add information know-how, my predictions and opinions on the current market situation. And I'll help you make money on cryptocurrencies. Invite your friends here, because the information and attractions I add here are very educational.

Bitcoin is our future and the next Bitcoin cycle will be an ideal opportunity to get rich.

(XRP,BNB,XMR) My favourites. In my opinion 3 coins with big future.

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