Daily Task: Prep Your Offer! For Promoting Your Business ?

No doubt, you have a business
in mind that you wish to promote,

Perhaps a product you use ,

or any type of affiliate opportunity.

No matter what it is, let's get some things in order first.

While I can't give any specific 

advice on your particular offer...

There is some important information

we must have to effectively promote your idea

It's important to note, your business/product is an idea.

While you might be completely "sold" on your business....

To all your future prospects,

you are simply showing them your idea for what works.

To them, it is just an idea, and it's your

job to clearly explain all of the benefits of this idea.


 It's research time Friends

Today we define the problem, and the solution.

- Watch today's video here (then follow along below)-

Task A:

1: What are some of life's problems that your business idea helps with?

Write them down. (Minimum 10)

Example Problems.

  • Unemployment

  • No money to do the things you enjoy

  • Working 70 hours at a job.

  • No time to see friends and family

  • Credit card bills

  • Problems with economy/job stability

  • Geographical issues.

  • Any monetary issues

  • Tired/Stress/worried

2: What are the solutions that your product/business creates?

Example solutions

(The opposite of everything above. Minimum 10)

  • Additional income source 

  • Financial freedom 

  • Time freedom,

  • Security/own home

  • Happiness/Fun/holidays

  • Weight Loss

  • Feeling healthy and alive

  • Confidence

Answer both of theses question thoroughly. 


Spend 10 minutes brain storming these problems and solutions.

Task B:

Write down answers to the questions below specific to your business/product

  1. What will your business do for your referrals

  2. Why is that important?

  3. What emotions does that spark for you?

  4. Why does it have that emotional response?

  5. Who has it already helped?

  6. What has it done for them?

  7. What are other members saying about it?

  8. Why does this particular business/product  work?

  9. What is the history of the business?

  10. How many people are using it?

  11. What would it mean for your referral if they get involved?

  12. What can they expect and how long will that take?

  13. What can they expect from joining you in particular?

  14. Why is this the best option from all the competition?

Your commitment to this information is KEY.

The more you know about the specific results and solutions

your business and product brings to its customers, 

the more money you will make.

Why? Because you will become the authority.

When people ask questions, you will have answers.

When people have concerns, you will have solutions.

Your marketing will be more comprehensive as you will know every benefit

If you struggle with answering these questions,

it's time to go research and compile a comprehensive list of this positive information.

Below are some of the places you can find

exciting and motivating statistics

and experiences on your business.

  • The company website

  • Other testimonials from members

  • FB groups 

  • Skype groups 

  • Other marketers websites 

  • Other top earners promotional emails

Spend today Becoming an expert in your business.

This is a day well spent



By now, you should have, 

1: Your story, 

Who are you, how did you get here, what have you tried?

2: All relevant information for your business

Information on your business and all the benefits for your referrals

Great work so far!

The information you now have "on paper" will

help you considerably in the following days building your site and funnel.

Next, we get into how-to's. I hope you are excited!


We love getting motivated, pushing toward our online business goals and sharing that news with others. Online business has changed our lives forever and found more freedom and choice than would have ever been available working at a job. So, while we might mention some results and just how amazing your income and life could become... that's in no way a guarantee of what you may achieve. In fact we can't make any guarantee of any results whatsoever because we don't know your level of commitment to your goals or your work ethic to get things done. That comes down to you and may impact your overall results.  What we offer are the tools, training and traffic to build a successful business online, but it's up to you to be committed, have the discipline to show up, and make the most of what we are offering you.

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