Here Is The 5 Step Guide For How To Earn Asimi ?

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I recently had a question from a member.

Here is the question:

The member was looking for a clear guide for how to Earn Asimi

without using the Credit Card option at the Waves Exchange. 

It got me thinking.... Perhaps you have the same question...?

Here Is The 5 Steps Guide For How To Earn Asimi

(that I sent in response)

I hope it helps you too!

Here are the 5 steps to complete:

1. Pin Asimi. Then you will be able to see it in :)

Here is the video for that

2. Acquire BTC via another exchange. 

Look for an exchange in your local area.


Being based in the US, is the most popular. 

Australia/UK works well

Global: is a great option.

You can get BTC via bank transfer or Credit card with them.

(be aware it takes a week or so to get verified, but after that would work smoothly. )

3. Send your BTC to the waves exchange

(this example video is for Coinjar however the process will be very similar with other exchanges)

Follow this video:

4. Exchange your BTC for Asimi

Follow this video

5. Deposit your new Asimi into your HAS account

Follow this video:

From there you can stake or purchase as you choose.

Setting all of this up now is a great idea:

1. Get Asimi now, 

and also, 

2.  Have everything set up to do the opposite process when the time comes 

and you wish to turn your Asimi earnings back into BTC, and back into Dollars, Euros, ect

to send to your bank.

I hope that helps!

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