How To Become Successful Personalities Of A Trader ?

📚 Successful Personalities of a trader 📚

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Everything regarding trading starts with a discipline: how we approach our trading day and what we do during trading hours.

The discipline begins with a plan for how to start the day, including review of events and trading patterns. Finding a way to keep track of all trades is also a priority. Cutting losses while they occur, take profits while they appear and refine a set of trading rules so tomorrow will be even better.

Trading is not as fun as playing soccer, it's a job as everything else and it's HIGHLY stressful. For the most part traders work by themselves so the fact to be home alone in front of a PC might not be the best working experience ever! 

Traders have to have enough trust in their system and enough experience in the markets so they can act quickly when there is a BUY or SELL opportunity. That's why learning is important. Of course we don't want to RUSH into trades which have no logical chart but with a great system you can learn how to be quicker!

Also, Decisiveness is another important KEY point. Sometimes we have to make decisions pretty quick (ex. Scalping or Short-term trades). See the opportunity, take the risk and wait for the outcome. What if it was a bad decision? Well, that's why we must always manage our RISK (ALWAYS) and accept your losses. You are playing around with the market, market is not your friend. 

Remember: No matter how independet you are, your trading will benefit if you have friends and family to offer you support. That network will help you manage the emotional aspects of trading. Being in our community can also provide you great support in all circumstances! We are here to help you become a better trader but we love making friends also, cheer each other on and give each other support when things go wrong!!! 😊

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