Passive Income From Ethereum 727 ETH In 34 Days Here Is How..?

Hey how are you doing my friend? I've had an awesome weekend with my kids and while I was not working at all on Saturday and Sunday I generated about $5,249 with the decentralised ETH smart contract project! 
Imagine waking up each day to over $1,000 coming to you directly to your ETH personal wallet that you control the private key. That would make a big difference in your life wouldn't it? 
Since I started in March 23rd this project helped me generate ~727 ETH in gross earnings and it's just the beginning! One account earned 414 ETH and another earned 313 ETH.. 
This is amazing in just 34 days.. and it's just the beginning!
All of this generated with 100% decentralised project where the owners don't touch people's crypto ever! 
It is the simplest way that I've seen to generate crypto earnings and you can be sure it'll keep running on the Ethereum smart contract for years and years.. 

..and 100% of the income goes instantly, directly and transparently to the members of the project with zero risk to their ETH wallet they control the private key! 


I have one of my team members got started and in 4 days generated 350 ETH gross earnings.. 


I did a training on Friday outlining the strategy with Mark who generated 466 ETH in few short months..


This is the era of Dapps - Decentralised applications, and it's very simple you have here 24 slots that each can earn you unlimited times.. 


Slots can earn you 0.025 ETH. 0.05 ETH, 0.1 ETH, 0.2 ETH, 0.4 ETH, 0.8 ETH, 1.6 ETH, 3.2 ETH, 6.4 ETH, 12.8 ETH, 25.6 ETH and 51.2 ETH OVER and OVER again.. 


Check out the recent training that I did showing exactly how it works in detail..


Click Here To Watch The Training 

I'm going to help you set up the funnels, duplicate everything I'm doing and training you on how to achieve success.. 
I'll help you with the traffic as well put your link on a rotator and you can leverage the advertising campaigns I'm running..
Very soon we will have a 5 minute explainer video I paid $3,100 for and it'll be even easier for you to grow your business and income. 
We have hundreds of people on the team who already made money with this program so what you are waiting for.. 
So many people are waiting for an opportunity like this to go and generate steady source of income..
Then you can take the the income you generated and essentially learn how to trade with it on your exchanges or use special bots and increase your profits this year. 
Alright I hope to see you on our team soon...


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