The 3 "musts" for actually succeeding long term... ?

We all dream.. Some people chase the dream and some people actually realize the dream
What is the difference? Today I am going to share with you my 3 "musts" for actually succeeding long term.

2020 Note:

it stands as true now as it did then.

It is truth of online business success and as a result it is also my most liked blog post.

It will work for you too... so even though It's a long read, read it through if you are looking for

what to focus on to make mountains of money online :)

I have identified these particular differences from hundreds of people I have mentored into online incomes. This has given me some real Insight into who makes it, Who doesn't... 
And what divides them.

This might be a little tough for some people. Unfortunately this industry is built on empty promises and it breeds a culture of unrealistic expectations, however, for those people who really get what I am about to say... Keep going.. You will reach success. For those who don't get it... It will unfortunately be a hard road.

I am going to explain what it really takes. There is nothing to buy. Just truthful information

Stick with me and let's go through the key ingredients for success
Under each topic. I will tell you, what people that succeed do, and what people that don't succeed do. 

The definition for Success in this post is.
The ability to live solely off your online income

Note, this information is not business specific. I can tell you right now that any online entrepreneur's success is never business specific.
Successful people are successful because they have these 3 principals covered
No business will ever be the main reason you succeed. 

YOU will always be the main reason you succeed 

so today we are going to focus on what YOU must do regardless of your current or future business

No1: WHY 
(For what reason or purpose)

Why are you doing what you are doing?
Your WHY is everything. Absolutely fundamental. 

The major difference between people that make it and those that don't  is the importance of their WHY. 
We find motivation and move in two ways. Away from pain and towards pleasure. Moving away from pain is in most cases, what drives people the 
furthest. Something you just can't bare to have in your life

It's easy to be comfortable.. And when you are comfortable... It can be hard to find motivation. 
This is when we must move towards pleasure. The same level of motivation is required, however you will be moving towards something, . Something so great that you must have it.... 
You cannot live without it
Your why can obviously be a combination of pain and pleasure.

People that succeed, know their "WHY" and they know how important it is to them.
They say thing like: I am NOT prepared to work a job any more. I can't even comprehend spending the rest of my life doing it. 
I must change because (insert "why") and I am prepared to work at it until "why" is achieved

Statements from those that don't make it:
I have some free time now so I might as well give it a go.
Wow, that would be really cool if I could get to where you are.
I am just looking for an extra $1000 a month.
I am going to give it a month. If it doesn't work in a month then I might try something else

The pain of working 5 days a week for the rest of my life... Was what I moved away from.
The WHY that drove me. 
When I woke up in the morning, I was prepared to work, even when I was tired, even when friends wanted to catch up... It was so, so, so, important to me to NOT spend my life working... Not spend my life exchanging my time for money, that I was not only prepared to work incredibly hard above and beyond the hours of the job that I was already working... What is interesting is... I was motivated and enthusiastic to work above and beyond! 
Why would I do that? Why would anyone? It's a contradiction. "It's so important to me NOT to work.. So I am going to work super hard" Lol!
There is only one reason... My WHY... freedom.

To ultimatley move  away from the pain of working for the rest of my life and towards the pleasure of freedom.

Without that core WHY... I NEVER would have made it.. I would have quit... Just like most people do.... Whether you are moving away from pain or towards pleasure.. You MUST have a massive "WHY" that's so important to you that it pushes you past your comfort zone.

You might be reading this thinking. "Yeah, yeah, yeah.. I get it.. I need a goal"

 But seriously... Do NOT underestimate the importance of this. WHY is the key differential between people that make it and those that don't. I have seen it time and time againFull stopNo exceptions.. Identify your WHY. Now that you know why you're doing what you are doing.. What's next...

2nd:  WORK

(Activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result)

Work. Focus and Consistency. 

But hang on Luke... "Haven't you heard about that business that does it all for you? You don't need to WORK anymore to make money online.. 
These days there are even businesses that will build your sales pages, manage your contacts, even follow up with them and make the sales for you! Heck...
You can even join businesses that you will make money for doing nothing! Just sit back and let the cash roll in! $$$"

Oh Dear...Okay... Now... Let's get very clear and very serious.
If you want to make a living online... Something you can actually rely upon... Don't leave it to anyone else... Or fate.... It is up to YOU to Create YOUR outcome.
The people that do work... The people that are focused and consistent... Make money over the long term. WORK is unavoidable. 

When you take 100% personal responsibility for your actions. When you make the decision that your results and a direct reflection of the actions you took.  

Not of the business you are in.. Not of the traffic you are buying...

Not of the leaders above you...

Not all the other external forces that have somehow affected your results.

(The excuses we are all guilty of)

When YOU make the decision that YOU and only YOU are responsible for YOUR Success or Failure. Things will change for YOU. WHY..? Because you will truly understand that excuses don't get results. 
Not now.. Not ever. 
You can have Money and you can have Excuses. You can't have them Both at the same time. 

This is a huge separation between people that make it and people that don't.

People who succeed, despite failure, despite the grinding work that doesn't seem to get them anywhere in the short term... Continue to persevere. 

I often hear these type of comments from them: 
Well, that didn't work... What's next? 
How can I tweak it to make it work? 
I keep looking at my system looking for a way to improve it.
I know that it's not working now, but I can see that if I keep testing and tweaking, It will eventually. 
I am going to go through all the training again.  
And what I love to hear.. Luke... It worked!! After all this time trying and trying... 
It's actually working! Now I am going to make it better.

People that don't make it:
It's taking too long. I have heard of this other thing that takes care of all the work. 
I don't want to learn/don't have time to do that so I am going to try "this" instead
Have you seen this thing that builds your webpage and everything for you?
I am not looking for more work.. I already have enough on my plate, what will make me the most money without any effort?
I tried to finish the training video or blog.. But it was too long. I don't have time for that.

Remember.. This is NOT about any particular business. It NEVER is. It never will be.. Sure.. 
There will be one business that will take you there.. Something that will earn you the big money for the first time, but it's never about the individual business and always about you

What are YOU doing to maximize your chance of success? What system have you personally put in place that you could then take and implement in another business? 
Are you creating content? Websites, Blogging, Video, Social media, building an Email list?

This isn't some speculation of mine.... This is a very obvious separation between the people that make it and the people that don't that I have observed over the last few years.
 A "case study" of hundreds of people. I am a firm believer that anyone can make mountains of money online. That's because anyone canBut NOT without these 3 principals

No3: Communication.

(The successful conveying or sharing of ideas and feelings)

Some people will have this naturally. 
Others will need to work at it (Like me) but,
communication is how we spread our message.
If you can't communicate effectively... 
You won't get results. So what does this mean? 

It means that you may need to do some personal development. I sure did.. I still am! Growth doesn't happen overnight. It takes time and... WORK. I know that even now there will be people saying,

"well... If I use someone else's email copy or someone else's videos then why would I need to make my own? They are already experts at communication and that means that I don't need to learn."  This is a common statement of people that never make it.

You CAN copy and use others content. Absolutely, follow people who are already successful... that is necessary... Particularly when getting started, however,
The people that do find long term success... Without question... Create content of their own.
This ties back to taking FULL unwavering responsibility for their business and outcome.
You see... It's easy to make excuses if you didn't make the content yourself. 

"Well, I tried with the team emails, videos, etc, and I am not getting results"
The ironic part is... It's these same people that say, "I have found another company that does it all for you!" And the cycle continues... Do you see the theme? The reason people chase their tail around the internet?

Save yourself a whole lot of wasted time and money.
"Done for you" systems don't work. You must take initiative to create the content yourself.
I know this step isn't very clear... So let's sum it up

People that make it in this industry put themselves into their work at some level.
They learn to communicate their message effectively. Themselves.
This does not mean you start from scratch.. Follow others and use their material as templates, however, You must at some point develop these skills. 
Learn to write.. Learn to make video. Learn to speak.

Be yourself, but also be proficient at it.
minimum of one of these skills is required. Make sure you develop your communication 
skills to an effective level. If you are anything like me.. This step will take some work... but the more you do it, the better you will get... The most important thing you can do is make a start.
Start to write.. Make a Video... Read some self help books. 
Study your business and the language that leaders in your business are using.

If you have found yourself in the "people that do not make it" category. Do not despair. Simply take it on board and identify areas for self improvement.

Let me close with this.... With the thousands of people I have seen flow through my teams.. 
The countless people I have interacted online and at seminars and the hundreds I have
 personally mentored... These 3 principals are the difference between the people that succeed over the long term and those that don't. 

It's NOT... The business.. .. Not the team resources.. Not a particular lead source...
Particular Lead capture page... Particular follow up email sequence... 
Particular sales Webinar... Particular point in time... Particular secret that successful people hide...  Particular Country of residence... Particular age...  Previous job or existing skills.

It is completely random... People from all ways of life in all different businesses... It always comes down to the individual. Their WHY. 

This WHY Drives them to Remain Focused, Consistent, and to WORK hard. 
Through this hard work.. They work on  themselves. They understand that personal
 development is required and communication is one of those requirements. 

We can always grow... Take responsibility for YOUR success and YOU will succeed. 
As I said, there is nothing to buy... It's just the truth that I have observed over the years. Anybody can do this, including you. 

To your success,


We love getting motivated, pushing toward our online business goals and sharing that news with others. Online business has changed our lives forever and found more freedom and choice than would have ever been available working at a job. So, while we might mention some results and just how amazing your income and life could become... that's in no way a guarantee of what you may achieve. In fact we can't make any guarantee of any results whatsoever because we don't know your level of commitment to your goals or your work ethic to get things done. That comes down to you and may impact your overall results.  What we offer are the tools, training and traffic to build a successful business online, but it's up to you to be committed, have the discipline to show up, and make the most of what we are offering you.

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