Did You Know The More You Learn The More You'll Earn ?

There is no guarantee that every business I create will be a winner, but I make sure that I learn a new skill in the process.


  Because the more I learn, the more I can earn in the future, Business may fail, but the skills I have learned will last me a lifetime and lead me to greater heights in the future.

  This was the mindset whenever I started a new business.

  I'm not just preaching.

  You see, I started my online career in website building and internet marketing without any knowledge.

  I started my first online business with a purchased script.  Anyone can do this,  But to optimize the script, I learned HTML and CSS, As the business grew, I learned PHP and mySQL to fix script errors, As I continued to build more complex web applications, I learned JavaScript.

  Apart from programming skills, I also learn internet marketing skills.  An example is search engine optimization.

  In 2009, I combined my programming skills and search engine optimization knowledge to build a link building network.

  My idea was to get website owners to convert their website's subdirectory into an article directory.  At the same time, they can submit spun articles and post to article directories in the network.

  I created a complex algorithm to ensure that there was no reciprocal linking because Google would discount reciprocal backlinks. Through advertising, I got around 100 free beta users to try out the system.  The results were staggering.

  Not only did their search engine rankings improve, they were gaining search engine traffic through articles posted to their article directories at the same time. In the first week of its official launch, the website brought in about $ 50k in sales. I'm not trying to brag.  I just want to show you that the more I learn, the more I earn.

If you keep learning and taking action, making money online is a matter of time.

For your success,

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