How to Develop The Millionaire Mindset ?

There are 3 steps to develop a Millionaire Mindset.

1. Learn and re-learn how millionaires think and what they believe.

2. Choose to believe before seeing.

3. Apply these principles in your decision process.

I used the phrase 'Millionaire Mindset' because it is easier for most people to relate.

Honestly, you don't need a Millionaire Mindset to be a millionaire.One can become a millionaire by simply working hard, practicing frugality, without understanding the whole concept of success philosophy.

The Millionaire Mindset I'm referring to here is the mindset of a successful person holistically, in terms of Health, Wealth and Happiness, a person who understands how the universe works and why success is inevitable.

When I challenged from the University, I was lost.

I had no idea how I could apply what I had learnt in school to achieve success in my life.In the first place, I had no idea what was success.

I read many self-help books and attended many seminars.After 2 years of searching, I found my meaning of success.  It was to achieve Health, Wealth and Happiness.

I also found a goal, which was kind of big enough for me to pursue for many years.  The goal was to achieve Time and Financial Freedom.

I taught success philosophies in my mid 20s, although I was not successful at all at that time.

I was also lucky enough to be acquainted with a multi-millionaire, who did not know anything about success philosophies but was armed with a wealth of practical experiences about business success.

Let's just say for many years, I was his chauffeur, lunch mate and rant-buddy.When he spoke, I learnt and related back to the success philosophies I'd learnt.

You must be thinking,

"Why am I telling you all these?"

That's how I achieved STEP 1 of the 3 Steps -"Learn and re-learn how millionaires think and what they believe".Through repeated learning, teaching and listening to rant, I had internalized a lot of success principles.

Bear in mind that at that time, I was in debt and clueless about how to achieve my time and financial freedom goal.

I consulted fortune teller and clairvoyant.  I needed their assurance that what I was doing was right.

When I taught success philosophies, I sometimes had audience asking me how successful I was.

I couldn't answer.
I merely did STEP 2 of the 3 Steps -"Choose to believe before seeing".

To say that I totally believe is BS.  If I've totally believed, I won't have gone to a clairvoyant.

But due to the fact that I taught success philosophies, I had, to a certain extend, practiced what I taught unconsciously.

In other words, I had done STEP 3 of the 3 Steps -

"Apply these principles in your decision process." Then, things started to happen ...

I started to see how the law of attraction happens on me.

I started to appreciate what the success gurus mean by delayed gratification.

The principles I had learnt in the past began to unveil in my life bit and bit.

How To Get Your Step 1 Done?

I got my Step 1 accomplished because of opportunities to teach success philosophies and being acquainted with a multi-millionaire.

Your opportunity may be different from mine.

In fact, this "Success Lesson" email series may be your opportunity.

The problem with self-help books is that they are often read and forgotten.

For a long-term change in the mindset, you need constant reminder.

This post can be your constant reminder.

I hope that by reading this post, you will learn and re-learn the different success philosophies and principles.

And achieve STEP 1 of the 3 Steps.

Then, all you have to do is "believe before seeing" and "apply what you've learnt in your decision process".

To your success,

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