How To Get Crypto Suggestions and PayPal Accepting BTC ?

Hi Friends, If you find it challenging to get BTC, then you are not alone. In fact, most people hesitate to go into "Cryptocurrency", because they have a hard to getting started ...

Rumor has it that PayPal will open doors for crypto soon!

Wow! On top of the obvious user-friendliness of this Amazing Payment Processor, If Instant Access to Cryptocurrency for 325 Million PayPal Users Worldwide…

Okay, let's say that big things in the crypto space would mean that! And you must have seen ... big business is awake and is continuing,

Crypto is what you need to be right now.  This is going to be an amazing year! To get crypto including Asimi, you can use an exchange wallet.

If your new to crypto, it can sometimes be frustrating to setup a new exchange (it's true), however, it's worth it!  Once done, you can easily sell and trade your crypto, even sending money from your bank account easily.

If you want to buy your BTC or Asimi NOW...

Here are some suggestions. 

Australia / UK exchange: CoinJar

 Whether you're a beginner or an enthusiast, CoinJar is the easiest way to get started with Digital Currency, They've picked the best digital currencies tokens and stable coins that work to your benefit, you can Download the App and Sign Up to CoinJar in an instant.

So you can access digital currency anywhere you go whenever you like making it the simplest way to buy a cell store and spend digital currency.

CoinJar App gives you the freedom to send and receive digital currency to anywhere in the world.

Tracking your digital currency investments in the app is easy too with the coinjar portfolio feature, will use that coinjar swipe card to spend or withdraw your digital currency as cash you can even track your swipe spending in the app.


(I use this one personally for my transactions and you get points for joining with this link)

Coinbase (Great for buying BTC in the US with your CC)


Uphold (clean user-friendly wallet that services most of the works and even offers a debit card to spend your crypto!)


Waves Wallet Exchange (Decentralised secure wallet with low fees and you can buy Asimi here)

Buy Asimi here with your BTC or Credit card

You can get Asimi with your credit card by following this video here



If you missed the news about Asimi....

very soon Asimi will be listed on a new major exchange! We will reveal more about that soon...a new way to trade, hold and buy/sell Asimi tokens!

Good Luck and Have a Great Day, and As Always, Thanks You For Visiting My Blog...