How To Earn From Dlike Social Media Platform ?

Today I'm bringing you Dlike and I'll be telling you everything you need to know about Dlike.
Dlike is a Social Media platform that pays you for sharing posts and recommending posts to communities just by liking them. 

Dlike also Reward you when you Stake dlike on the platform,Dlike rewards you with their Native Token dlike which is a TRON based Token.

How To Earn From Sharing Posts On Dlike ?

One can Earn just by Sharing Posts on dlike,you have a maximum of 5 posts to share daily on dlike.io.
The posts can be your own posts or someone else's but you can't share a post that's already being shared on the dlike platform.
You earn 0.35dlike when another user likes your post and recommends it to the community. So if u get 10 likes on a post, that's 10*0.35 dlike to you from a single post and there's no limit to the amount of likes you can a mass from a post.

How To Earn From Liking A Post ?

Like I mentioned before,you can earn by Liking and recommending posts to a Community.

This can be done by Clicking the Love Button underneath a post you like and you'll notice the love swirling till a green pop up appears at the top of your screen saying "Recommended Successfully".

For each like you give,you earn 0.30 dlike and you're entitled to give 29likes per day, which will give you a total of 8.70 dlikes everyday when you completely use your entitled likes.

How Do You Earn From Staking ?

Now this is the best part,you can Earn from Dlike by doing absolutely nothing...yes nothing.

All you have to do is to Stake enough dlikes that puts you in the top 200 position of stakers (this number will increase to 1000 as the dlike community grows), And you earn from the 20% allocated to stakers everyday.

The good thing is you can Claim your Rewards and your stakes at anytime, The stakes can only be done using Tronlink Wallet and with the connected wallet only.

How Are Dlikes Generated ?

When a user likes a post 1 DLIKE is generated....35% goes to the owner(Author) of the post,30% goes to the liker(Curator) of the post, 20% goes to the Staking Pool which is shared to stakers at the end of each day,5% goes to affiliate and airdrops,4% goes to the team,2.5% goes to the foundation,2.5% goes to DAF (donor-advised fund) and 1% goes to charity, So the more the community members activities, the better it is for each member.

So With 100 People I Can Get More Dlike ?

Every user that you refer you get 0.05 DLIKE for each like on their post,if you have good number of affiliates you can earn huge without doing anything.

100 people if share 3 posts and on average they get 20 likes on each of their post, means 6000 x 0.05 ===🚀 daily without any work, there is no pre minted tokens so no one can dump any thing every thing is being generated on site through proof of likes.

How To Withdraw Your Earned Dlike ?

It's very simple,with a Tron Wallet connected and while accessing the platform through Tronlink Wallet, all you have to do is go to wallet on the platform and click "Withdraw" or go to your Staking Rewards and click on "Claim" and you dlike will immediately be sent to your tronlink dlike wallet.

Dlike Platform is easy to use and user friendly... embrace dlike today and see a lot of reasons smile tomorrow.

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You Can Swap Your Dlike On JustSwap.Org

NOTE: have a steady data connection and at least 2tron in your tron wallet for powering the transaction.