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Your second month you subscribe to a new level which is $2 a Month.. Remember you are subscribing the money you made from the Program...

All income derived from any source is accumulated in your UDS$ wallet and transferred to your WESA wallet in WESA Tokens at the end of each month; subject to the following qualifications….
As long as you read all available messages your income will be transferred in full.
Read 60% to 99% of your messages and your income will be reduced by 25%
Read 30% to 59% of your messages and your income will be reduced by 50%
Read less than 30% of your messages and your income will be reduced by 75%
Deductions will be allocated to a Bonus Pool and distributed to members based on productivity competitions we will run.

Continue the Process till you reach the Elite Member level six
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               M SUB📌D RETURN📌M RETURN
FREE M ➡️➖             $0.01         $0.30
POOL 1 ➡️ $2.            $0.10         $2.40
POOL 2 ➡️ $3             $0.25         $6.00
POOL 3 ➡️ $5             $0.50         $12.00
POOL 4 ➡️ $10           $1.00         $30.00
POOL 5 ➡️ $20           $2.00         $60.00
POOL 6 ➡️ $60           $5.00         $150.00

When Staking for any of the Pool .let's say you want to get/jump to pool3 you will have to pay for pool1&2 plus pool3 that's making it 
Same principle applies to other Pools...

I Recommend you get in at the Pool3/Pool4 level a one time Stake a month it will enhance your Growth and Help you reach the Elite Level six Faster!!!

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Imagine getting paid a Generational $10 For every Elite member you referred.if you refer 10 members that's extra $100 in your pocket every single month and the 10 person you referred gets another 10 member each that's $1100  Generational income for you every single Month!!!

Pool 1 you earn $0.20 
Pool 1 and 2 you earn $0.50
Pool 1, 2 and 3 you earn $1.00
Pool 1, 2, 3 and 4 you earn $2.00
Pool 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 you earn $4.00
Pool 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 you earn $10.00

You earn Different amount of money on each of your Referrals depending on the Pool they are in..

So Set yourself a GOAL! on how many Referrals you could Potentially have/get every month❗
It's all Up to you!

And you Could be Making alot of money  without doing anything from the Pools you are in,it's selected Randomly if you fall in line at the top of the pool you're in you will be making $200-$5000.   Like I said it's a Random selection stay ACTIVE AND CONSISTENCE you might fall at the Top of the POOL
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Free to start earning everyone gets paid into first pool to start earning daily return and everyone can pay to go in all 6 pools to earn 50% bonus in 30: days and everyone gets entered into lottery pools above , more levels more entries to win the huge monthly lottery pool , nothing easier , all u do is read a few messages everyday and login takes one minute to do that and ur earning , our amazing honest owner graham has a mission to help as many people out of poverty he possibly can ...

Pool Free Lottery

This is we share abundance lottery for Oct The AMAZING numbers for OCTOBER 2020...
Total Power Of One bonus: $166,159
Total Rewards & Commissions:$1,786,131.80
Charity fund: $846,712.79
Admin Fund: $23,372.00
Total Wealth Created: $2,822,375.96
Top Pool Winners in FREE Lottery
Pool 1) $1,986.45 Nigeria
Pool 2) $2,136.25 USA
Pool 3) $3,225.18  Suriname
Pool 4) $5,803.36  Pakistan
Pool 5) $10,718.10. Nigera
Pool 6) $29,105. Nigeria

Once income is in your WESA wallet it may be used to purchase any product or service offered by “WeShareAbundance.com” or withdrawn to your Waves wallet where it can be stored, sold or traded.
Note that withdrawals may only be requested after you comply with the “Know Your Customer” (KYC) regulations which require you to provide proof of identity and address, which MUST match the information in your profile.

Free Members may not withdraw funds and can only use them to make purchases within the site.

Free Members will be removed after 3 months with a loss of any income in any wallets.

Purchases on site made using WESA Tokens will be at the rate of a guaranteed minimum value, which will be shown in your account and can never go down, or market value, on the Waves Exchange, whichever is the greater.

NOTE: Only one account per household is allowed and this is tracked by both IP address and physical address, COMMITING FRAUD IS A REASON FOR INSTANT REMOVAL WITH A TOTAL LOSS OF ALL BENEFITS AND FUNDS. This can be in falsifying address verification documents and we have found several cases of this and it will not be tolerated. Offenders will be removed with no recourse and will lose everything including any stakes made! Breach or terms is another reason that members can be removed and this includes 2 members with the same address which is not allowed. Only 1 account per household is the rule and if broken all accounts with same address can be terminated with a total loss of all benefits including any stakes made! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!